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  • For the project developers, enverx represents a platform on which they can finance their project at fair conditions. At the same time, it’s made clear that they will be shapers of their own finances in the future and that they should create a solid basis for this through reliable partners.
  • For investors a differentiated “partner search” should be in the foreground with at the same time clearly defined financial key figures, i.e. the project should fit to the investor, but at the same time define the financial framework and represent within this a reliable picture by which investment decisions should be promoted.
  • enverx communicates a high level of reliability in an unregulated market. Legislation and contract validity have only limited validity in case of discrepancies, as it is a voluntary market (still).
  • At the same time, the components of environmentally neutral investment and financial security is presented through clearly defined steps for investment security. It’s communicated clearly to the investor how their money will be protected through the steps of investment.
  • Environmentally neutral investment
  • Common corporate identity: strong connection between the project and the company that invests
  • Commercial product
  • First and foremost, enverx is differentiated by the combination of an investment in a specific project, which can be specifically selected, and the possibility to generate a product from this project, which can later be traded or retired.
  • enverx wants to enable investors to position themselves clearly. Through direct investments in selected environmental projects, a serious environmental approach should be communicated to the own customers instead of a simple “buy and retire” construct.
  • For project developers, it is an opportunity to take complete financial ownership and communicate directly with investors to gain a clear picture of the value their work generates financially. Until now, the value of their products has been idealistically assessed and they have often been financially penalized by individual brokers in a non-transparent environment.
  • There are several organizations that set standards and protocols for issuers of carbon credits.
  • VCC buys its carbon credits from only those projects that meet all the requirements set by the leading certifiers (Verra, Gold Standard, American Carbon Registry).
  • The verification is a result-oriented process to determine the emission reductions achieved by your project. It verifies continued compliance with the criteria defined under the Kyoto Protocol.
  • The verification includes review of:
    – Results and data collection systems linked to emission reductions
    – Established practices and the accuracy of data collected, as well as monitoring equipment
    – The management system supporting the reported emission reductions
  • KYC process is built upon existing high-quality standards criteria (see VERRA, Gold Standard)
  • We are working together with independent third parties, who are well respected and recognised in the market
  • It’s the nature of the current market circumstances, that most of the projects are in developing and emerging markets
  • In general, it’s fair to say that this is a major business topic which is not going to be solved by individual business approaches, but rather with international political collaboration to create a legal framework for a stable business environment

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